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Employer Faq’s

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  • 01. What are the Services that you Provide?

    We Provide Software development solutions (For Example: Mobile Applications Development,Web Development,Content Management,Automation, AI etc.) as well as we also provide highly qualified staffing Resources to IT companies globally.

  • 02. How can i make payments to Technoraft ?

    We send you bills at the last of each month. You can pay this Amount via Paypal,Remitly,Western Union,Wire Transfer or through any Credit/Debit card.

  • 03. What is the Process of Hiring?

    You have to tell your needs and technical specifications, so that we can find right candidate for you. We share Resumes of the candidates with you within 48 hours. After shortlisting, Candidates undergo Interview process. After Clearing Interview, We will be signing a contract and the candidate will be available to work for you at next step.

  • 04. Are there any additional charges related to the hiring of candidates with Technoraft?

    No, There are no any hidden or additional charges related to hiring of candidates.

  • 05. What if assigned developer get stuck somewhere in coding or What if the hired candidate is not performing as desired??

    In case, if assigned developer get stuck somewhere in coding, we have many experienced developers who will help him in coding. But if In Case, Developer is not performing upto the standards then we will be keep checking with you whether the assigned candidate is properly working or not. we would suggest you to provide some help and support to candidates. However if these steps do not produce results, we will replace candidates immediately without even asking a single question.

  • 06. What If there is a breach of confidentiality and copyright infringement, how will that be handled?

    To overcome these problems in future, We sign NDA before starting the project and adhere to it to the end. If in case there is a violation, we take full responsibility for it.

  • 07. What kind of Support will I get from Technoraft?

    We are here for you throughout the entire process, not just the sourcing and selection process. We will be checking in at regular intervals to ensure that things are operating as per your plan, and we will also check in at regular intervals with your remote staff. We take full responsibility for our worker’s presence and performance, and pride ourselves on always staying on top of that. You will always be aware of what is happening.

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